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Who benefits from my program?

The Reading Toolkit, LLC, works one-on-one with students to teach skills such as phoneme sequencing and decoding. Both help children with their difficulties in the following areas:

Activities and exercises...

For many children experiencing difficulties with reading and spelling, the inability to break words down into their component parts (phonemes) prevents them from being able to use phonics. Phonics instruction becomes a series of stumbling blocks instead of tools for successful reading. This program provides those tools in interactive and instructional sessions.

For more information on phonemic awareness and its importance to the reading process, go to: awareness.

The after-school time slots are in high-demand. However, for home-schooling families, there is ample flexibility during the school-day hours. The Reading Toolkit, LLC, is listed in the Home EDucators Resource Directory. It is also listed in the PDX Parent's online business directories HERE.

Why Choose The Reading Toolkit?

I choose to tutor using an individualized format because I find it to be the most effective for tailoring every lesson to what I see happening for each student. I find it hugely rewarding to see students broaden their understanding of the reading process in every lesson. My passion is seeing struggling and reluctant readers transform into confident students who choose to read for pleasure. Helping my students to discover the magic of books inspires me every day to look for new ways to unlock doors for them. I am continually learning from my students what their next locked door is and how I can work with them to open it up. The phrase "I get it!" is my greatest reward with these young people. I love teaching them new tools for their very own reading toolkits!

The Reading Toolkit serves the Portland metropolitan area.