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Jean - Reading Toolkit Tutoring

Dear Jean Cohen,

All these years I have worked with you I have grown as a person. I don’t think I would be where I am now without you. I have never laughed, cried and smiled so much as when with you. The truth is I barely learned anything from my previous Teacher but learned so much from you. I know I don’t tell you this a lot but I’m so thankful you are my tutor. My goal for this summer is to read 11 books for you or more. I really don’t think I would have become a straight A student in Language Arts without all the help you have committed to me. I know I can be a struggle sometimes, well a lot of the time, but I still think you laugh about it afterwards at times. I don’t just think of you as a tutor, I think of you as a friend and sometimes a part of my family. You are caring and helpful and you always put up with me. I have learned so many skills from you. Now in the future I’m going to apply them. When I was younger I thought I would never find a book or book genre I would like. Now I have found it, with thanks to you and I will never forget that. You are the best tutor and friend I could ever have or anyone could hope to have, but especially to me.

Sincerely your best child and friend,

- Written by a student that Jean worked with from the time she was 8 years old to 13 years old

"You're a Saint where he is concerned!!! Thanks a million!!! You've made a difference with him. He has made so much progress this year - he's even interacting with other kids - playing kickball and tag on the playground!

A Real Success Story and I think you are responsible for much of it!"

– Portland Public Schools Reading Specialist, referring to a 5th grade student

"I appreciate your expertise and you are solely responsible for ensuring that Seth learned to read at all. The public school system had all but given up."

– Dawn, a home-schooling parent

Jean - Reading Toolkit Tutoring - Testimonial
- Andrew, age 8

"You are making words so easy for me. You helped me look at words and sound them out."

- Sophia, age 7

"We have seen huge strides in Sophia's reading ability and spelling over the past few months. Jean's teaching ability and one-on-one work with Sophia has been, without a doubt, the reason she is a more confident reader. It has been wonderful to watch."

- Sophia's parents

"You read, you write. I can write now. You learn what letters are in the alphabet and what sounds they make."

- Connor, age 6

"Connor's literacy skills and confidence have improved dramatically. He looks forward to sessions, especially since he sees that he has learned something new every time. I have no doubt Jean can accomplish the same things with your child."

- Connor's parents

The Reading Toolkit serves the Portland metropolitan area.